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Naha bay is located about 24 miles Northeast of downtown Ketchikan- "Git shash ggan" people of the creek, by the shore" (Tsimshian) Alaska. The semi-remote community of Loring Alaska is tucked away at the waters edge of Naha Bay. Accessible by boat or seaplane, Loring is located on the northern end of Revillagigedo Island. A 25 minute boat ride from the local marina; allows for day trips from the North end of Ketchikan.
Amidst towering second growth trees and nestled at the end of a sloping mountain side,sits Loring Alaska.  This settlement plays an important part to our regions historic and cultural past. Loring was the first community to have a post office in the district of Alaska, (long before the state became a territory) and boasted the states largest salmon cannery operation until 1930. Over 300 residents called Loring home at the turn of the century and many north bound steamships loaded with the first tourists of the day, stopped over in Loring Alaska. Today in Loring, our community is home to full, part time and seasonal residents. Homes, old and new, plus a few cabins line the shoreline of Naha Bay. Our new public dock in 2012 replaced the old 1950's state float. Visitors are welcomed to dock at the public float. Naha Bay has always been a popular stop over for boating visitors near and far for many years.
Heavy annual rain fall in Southeast Alaska has created a lush temperate rainforest, unlike any other on earth.   The majority of these rain forests are apart of the Tongass National Forest. Our nations largest public forest land. All the rainfall in a temperate rain forest is vital to an eco system that sustains salmon spawning rivers and creeks all over Southeast Alaska. No rain, no fish. When it rains the salmon jump for joy. A yow! The public forest lands around the Naha and West Behm Canal are locally managed by the Ketchikan Misty Fjords Ranger District.
Adjacent to Loring is the Naha River Recrecation Area. Set aside in the 1990's as a LUDII Land designation. The area is a step down from being listed as protected wilderness. No logging or mining will ever be allowed in the protected Naha River watershed area. Naha River National Recreation Trail is often visited by Ketchikan locals for day hiking, back packing and hunting. Naha River trail winds its way along the Roosevelet Lagoon and past the Orton Ranch. The trail continues past the ranch and up to the first lake, Jordan Lake. Serious hikers can continue the hike up past Jordan Lake and hike the full 6 miles onto Heckman Lake. Heckman Lake once had a fish hatchery operation at the turn of the century. Nothing remains today from that era; though you can rent a rustic Forest Service cabin at both lakes.

A public forest service float is located not far from Naha rapids. Pic-nic shelters and campsites are located near the tramway. The tramway is accessible for porting your canoe or kayak over the rapids(salt chuck)when the tide is out. CAUTION: The wooden tram is also in need of serious repair. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Naha River Recreation area is restricted for personal use only. No guided tours are allowed, keeping the Naha wild and peaceful.
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